A band who I myself enjoy listening to, but who by no means deserve the shit they recieve by people around the world. Just because they have simple guitar riffs doesnt mean they are bad. A bands credibility doesnt lie within their guitarsists abilities. It lies within their efforts they put into the music, and the way they put music together. Their band of teeny bopper fans who they have gathered since the release of their third album will soon be dismantled once they realise MCR's true potential. MCR's singles were not amongst their best songs, but their imagination for putting the video clips together deserves credit. To anyone who wants to call them emo, goth, punk, pop, whatever, do so at your own will. The true MCR fans will stick by them no matter what, and they will endure any flak from anyone who throws it at them, but know, every band has its haters. every band has its avid fans.

and every band is amazing in what they do in their own way. they all have fans, they all have haters, they all have labellers and people who hear one song or see one picture and pass judgement.

to all those people i say; get over it. go back to your own music and leave the others alone.
Teeny bopper: omg i lyk listen to lyk these bands lyk im so emo.
Rap fan: like what
Teeny bopper: my chemical romance lyk. lyk there so hxc after welcome to the black parade lyk. theyre lyk number 5 lyk.
Rap fan: fuckin pussy.
Me: your both losers.

#my chemical romance #music #mcr #enjoyment #credibility #guitar
by jilly.n December 08, 2006
Okay, they're not punk, emo, rock...whatever. They don't belong in any genre. They're just pure genius. that's all there is to it. You're right, there will be haters. There will be lovers. Like anything.
Me: My Chemical Romance are amazeringingining. Awesome live, too.
#my #chemical #romance #genius #awesome
by Cherub-Hands August 03, 2006
Allow me to clear up all of the crap definitions here. My Chemical Romance is not pop. My Chemical Romance is not punk. My Chemical Romance is not emo, and they have never siad they were any of those things. My Chemical Romance is undr the genre of post hardcore. A VERY SMALL AMOUNT of their earlier songs MIGHT have passed for metal, but they are a "Post Hardcore" band. I'm not going to say that they're good or that their bad, because definitions aren't for pushing people's own personal opinions. They are for informing.
Lame Ass-"MCR sucks! I hate emo!"
Lame Ass-"MCR rocks! Thy're so punk and cool!"
Lame Ass-"Oooh, I hate that whole pop scene so MCR must suck!"
Cool Kid-"I listened to some of their stuff, I didn't like it that much."
Cool Kid-"At first i didn't like them because of I'm Not Okay(an MCR single), but I heard some more of their stuff, and now i can't get enough of them!"
by DefinionWizard June 09, 2005
A band, existed 12 years, now in our hearts. They broke up in year 2013.
A part of the holy emo trinity.
A band with a lot of awards.


"The holy emo trinity: Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance"
by descentury November 05, 2015
my chemical romance is made up of a sassy man (Gerard), a 5 foot tall man (Frank), a unicorn believer (Mikey), and princess fro fro (Ray). now if that isn't the most awesome description of the idea(band) I don't know what is. This band is guaranteed to save your life. so long and goodnight🌜
my chemical romance is an idea
by alltimechemicalkilljoys October 22, 2015
A band that released a few albums and then broke up. That break up still effect people today and the last writen things about them on Urban Dictionary was written in 2005 and 2006.
Play Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance beginning piano keys and you'll for sure make the emo children cry (Including me, so don't).
#gerard way #mikey way #milky way #2005 #emo #mcr #emo tears
by thatnotsofunnygirl September 30, 2015
A band that started in 2001 and, sadly, ended in 2013. They are considered to be part of the "Emo Trinity": Fall Out Boy, Panic! Ar The Disco, and My Chemical Romance. However, they are not actually emo. They have four really amazing albums out: "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love", "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge", "The Black Parade", and "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys". The band had five official members: Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Ray Toro, and Bob Bryar. Bob left in 2010. Their fans are technically called "Killjoys". MCR is freaking amazing, and that's that. So long and goodnight.
My Chemical Romance is the best band to walk this earth.
#mcr #emo trinity #gerard way #killjoys #the black parade
by MCRislyfe July 24, 2015
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