A 'violent pop band' (in their own words) whose music has inspired many teenagers, and other people of all ages, all over the world.

Though their first album was dark, and bordering on metal, their second album was rock, but still very dark.
With their 2006 album, 'The Black Parade', they continued to use dark imagery in their lyrics to portray a story full of emotion, and fantastic riffs!
Though slated by many, My Chemical Romance is a great rock band with a huge 'army' of fans, most of whom are teenagers, who affectionately call themselves the 'MCRmy'.
The band will most definitely go down in history as a fantastic rock band, who strive to look after, and care for their fans.

The band currently consists of:
Gerard Way - Lead locals
Ray Toro - Lead guitar
Frank Iero - Rhythm guitar
Bob Bryar - Drums
Mikey Way - Bass guitar.

Three of the band members, (Gerard, Mikey and Frank) are now married, and it is for this reason that the band are now taking a short break, after a two year long tour, before they release anything else.

Rock on!!
My Chemical Romance is an amazing rock band, with millions of fans all over the world.
by MCRmy Girl July 28, 2008
A pretty good band that has gained new fans due to their new album, The Black Parade.I find this next thing hilarious: old My Chemical Romamce fans don't want MCR to have new fans. GET OVER IT, PEOPLE! Not all of 'em are posers. i for one had never heard My Chemical Romance BEFORE The Black Parade, and i like that album, Three CHeers, AND Bullets. And i personally don't think they're really all that pretty. Hell, they're not ugly. but still. I listen to them because they have TALENT. something a lot of the actual posers don't realize. My Chem may not be emo, some songs are, you must admit. But if actually listen to what Gerard Way said (this is one of his qoutes, people) he said that they're gonna end up writing a number one pop hit...it'll be about a masacre. People, i like this music. Others like this music. And for all you bashers/haters, i understand that its freedom of speech and all, but really. if you hate them so much, why waste your breath on them?
dude 1: Heya whats up?
dude 2: Nothing really. I'm Listening to My Chemical Romances new album, The Black Parade.

dude : *rolls eyes* no...i like the music thanks...-_-
A band who I myself enjoy listening to, but who by no means deserve the shit they recieve by people around the world. Just because they have simple guitar riffs doesnt mean they are bad. A bands credibility doesnt lie within their guitarsists abilities. It lies within their efforts they put into the music, and the way they put music together. Their band of teeny bopper fans who they have gathered since the release of their third album will soon be dismantled once they realise MCR's true potential. MCR's singles were not amongst their best songs, but their imagination for putting the video clips together deserves credit. To anyone who wants to call them emo, goth, punk, pop, whatever, do so at your own will. The true MCR fans will stick by them no matter what, and they will endure any flak from anyone who throws it at them, but know, every band has its haters. every band has its avid fans.

and every band is amazing in what they do in their own way. they all have fans, they all have haters, they all have labellers and people who hear one song or see one picture and pass judgement.

to all those people i say; get over it. go back to your own music and leave the others alone.
Teeny bopper: omg i lyk listen to lyk these bands lyk im so emo.
Rap fan: like what
Teeny bopper: my chemical romance lyk. lyk there so hxc after welcome to the black parade lyk. theyre lyk number 5 lyk.
Rap fan: fuckin pussy.
Me: your both losers.

by jilly.n December 08, 2006
Mcr is a kick ass band from NJ you don't like there stuff I understand but don't ttalk shit cause that is as low as you can get. Bu tyou should really listen to some bands before judging them on thier looks or style in cloths. MAybe you should for real it is down right low to Talk shit about a band if you have not heard them. OR it is wrong to talk shit anyways.Personally if they suck so much like you losers say why have they made it so far?
shit head-I hate My chemical romance

Fan-have you heard them?

shit head-I heard I'm not okay and now I think they are shit.

fan-well maybe you should hear some of thier other songs before judging them.
by Panic741 August 06, 2006
Okay, they're not punk, emo, rock...whatever. They don't belong in any genre. They're just pure genius. that's all there is to it. You're right, there will be haters. There will be lovers. Like anything.
Me: My Chemical Romance are amazeringingining. Awesome live, too.
by Cherub-Hands August 03, 2006
My Chemical Romance is a band that hails from New Jersey.

Many would describe them as punk/emo/goth/pop blah blah BLAH! Well guess what? THEY ARE NEITHER OF THOSE!! DO YOU HEAR?!! NEITHER!! IT'S JUST MUSIC!!!!!! If you want to hear any of the aboved LABLES, why don't you go and find someone who is a punk, emo, or goth? You all have no fucking clue what you're talking about and should really get lives.

Band members include:
Gerard Way- Vocals
Frank Iero- Guitar
Mikey Way- Bass
Ray Toro- Guitar
Bob Bryar- Drums

All of you haters out there, go and throw yourself off a fucking cliff. If you don't know who MCR is, or haven't even LISTENED to them, I suggest you do going around labeling bands because, most likely, you are either punk/emo/goth WHATEVER.

MCR is the greatest fucking band I've heard, and if I could, I would shoot you all in the head and most likely eat your brain. So, do us all, the MCR fans, a favor: SHUT THE FUCK UP
Gerard and My Chemical Romance are AWESOME and are NOT EMO.
by InsanityIsNotACrime April 08, 2006
A very overrated band. They aren't awful, I just don't like their music. But people are constantly saying, "MCR is the greatest band ever! Screw The Beatles!" People have said it's better than Bohemian Rhapsody (which is quite possibly the greatest rock song ever, along with Stairway to Heaven and others). MCR is certainly not the worst, but not even CLOSE to the best. VERY overrated.
MCR Fan: Did you hear? My Chemical Romance released a new album!
Non-fan: Nah, they're overrated. Led Zeppelin is where it's at!
MCR fan: Led Zeppelin? Is that, a spice or something?
Non-fan: (facepalm)
by ledzeppelin1 September 07, 2014

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