A fucking gay wannabe emo pile of shit band. They suck arse. And their not death metal. Their just a bunch of pussy boys who like wearing make up. They sing pussy songs just like Green Gay. Real death metal is more like Children of Bodom. Half the fuckers who listen to EMO... I mean... 'MCR' are probably totally afriad of death themselves. Go suck gods cock.

Get fucked losers.
Losers: my chemical romance are the best band in the world!!

Children of Bodom: Go and taste my scythe.
by The Bodom Beach pervert April 17, 2006
Just another band...seriously why do so many people have boners over these guys i mean i cant say im a fan of emo new punk shit but i heard them and they werent even catchy...WHAT DO U PEOPLE SEE IN THEM
MCR is another band crying their feelings
by batmansexystuff April 09, 2005
popular "emo band", listened to by, stupid emo kids and posers. they only got popular because of those dumbasses at MTV, playing their crappy songs. kids see mcr on MTV, and think they're "SoO0Oo k3wL". and then they go around labeling themselves, 'punk' or 'goth'. those kids don't know what punk and goth really is. gerard way is a horrible singer. he can't sing for shit. those posers who listen to mcr probably listen to green day too.
poser:"hEy, i SaWz mCr oN MtV. sO ThEy MuSt B k3wL. N iF i L!St3n 2 M, i iZ SoOo0o pXnK/GaWtHx!!!!1111 YaYz!!11111 DaT mEaN i iZ k3wL 2!!!!!!!!!1111111111111"

Fucking posers...
by Heather June 07, 2005
My Chemical Romance is a band that started in Newark, New Jersey. Personally, they are my second-favorite band (Simple Plan being my first). "I gave you my bullets, you gave me your love" and "Three cheers for sweet revenge" are their two albums. The best songs from MCR are Helena, Vampires Will Never Hurt You, Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough, and I'm Not Okay. The people who bring down MCR are only jealous that they're not in a band and aren't rich. They also get paid to put down MCR because they are so desperate.
Loser - "My Chemical Romance sucks and they have sucky songs"

Me - "Shut up."
by Chase April 17, 2005
A crappy emo/punk band that gets its ass kicked by any REAL punk band (Ramones, Sex Pistols, Misfits).
They dont deserve an example.
by Jerry Only March 13, 2005
A sucky emo band that has sold out to MTV. Let me get one thing clear for the many My Chemical Romance fans out there that think they are punk, they are not punk! Examples of punk would be The Ramones or The Casualities or The Clash. Here's a way to tell that MCR are not punk, read their lyrics and comepare them to a true punk band, like the Sex Pistols. All of MCR's lyrics are about lost girlfriends, angst, and slitting their wrists and that is not what punk is. Just because MTV says a band is punk, that doesn't mean they are. A prime example would be Greenday or Good Charlotte.
Good Charlotte, Greenday, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy
by Shawn Stephens January 05, 2006
A band that needs it's balls to drop.
my chemical romance is not worth the effort of giving an example
by Zombe October 10, 2005
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