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The best band ever. Their image is getting darker and they have an obession with death. Although they get alot of shit about it they are definately not emo, id say "Screamo" or "Post Hardcore". Nothing like softcore bands (good charlotte, blink-182, simple plan).
Check Out "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" by "My Chemical Romance" Now! Its the best cd ever made.
by My Chem Fan January 08, 2006
a shitty band from new york that claims not to be emo but in reality sounds just like 5 other bands that claim to be emo. extremely over played on raido,mtv and other crappy stations.

its fan base consist's of 11-16 year old girls, 1 guy and 5 20 something year olds. the bands lead singer is the main problem in all of the filth because he pretends to be all hardcore and gothy when in reality even the fans of mcr hate him. the only decent thing about the lead singer is his wife lyn z of msi.

the band will be forgotten in 3 years when everyone gets over the emo fad.
mcr fan: OMG "My chemical romance" SAVVED MY LIFE IM SO GOFFIC AND DEEP!!!

goth: your shitty band is the reason people think goth and emo are the same thing. im going to bash your head into a locker now.
by faggot mcfaggerson October 07, 2008
A totally emo band that has some good material
If any of you Black Parade followers who think you know My Chemical Romance don't believe that they're emo, listen to Demolition Lovers. I'm the biggest thrasher out there and even I cried when I heard that song.
by MCR is emo May 03, 2007
A band that teenybopper girls love because the lead singer is "hot". MCR is just another copycat "emo" wannabe band that sucks shit. Their music is a disgrace to real bands such as The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones. etc. Why can't there be music like that anymore? MCR is also another word for shit
Oh man!! I just stepped in some My Chemical Romance.
This sucks.
by CanadianPunk182 September 11, 2005
A pretty damn good band. They are hated because they are not quite pop but not quite punk so they dont fit well with the teeny boppers but arent hardcore enough to be listened to by true punks (not the pseudopunks).
I'm surprised MCR made it to MTV.
by numetalsux March 26, 2005
My Chemical Romance, in simple words, is one of those degrading, whiny, semi-conscious bands that have broken into the American mainstream in an unexpected manner. People who ingest the ‘music’ that this very overrated, and yet under talented band makes are either misguided or completely daft.

The other day, I attempted to watch a My Chemical Romance music video. Good God. These amateurs make utterly dreadful music. As I watched, it disintegrated some of my valuable brain cells, and probably lowered my IQ by a minimum of 10 points. Seemingly, I lived, only to witness and hear half of the repulsive video.

Now, a hardcore My Chemical Romance fan, fueled by angst might pop out of nowhere and flare, “Shut the hell up, My Chemical Romance is real music fool!’’

Real music? You are mentally incapable of comprehending that My Chemical Romance is deceiving you by representing fashion through sound waves. Yet again, how is it real music when the drummer who is non-proficient, is banging away monotonously on the drums, and the guitarist scrubbing away deviously on his guitar which is out of tune? And yet again, the so-called infamous ‘vocalist’ Gerard Way, attempting to whine out meaningless trash fixated on that musical rubbish, which is weak and tasteless.

How can you even admire such gibberish? Gerard Way sounds as if he was impregnated by an incubus, and is failing at breath, trying to give birth to a demon baby.

Don’t you get it? These imbeciles are attempting to get placed on a pedestal and paid millions and millions of dollars, utilizing their horrible trash. Their angst instigated nature is encouraged by the mainstream MTV, where they can relieve their heinous videos in order to get drowned in a pool of cash. You have to understand that these ugly music videos are nothing but marketing tools intended to promote the sale of music recordings.

My Chemical Romance is nowhere near art. Their ‘music’ can be compared to someone who is spilling raw, viscous paint on a canvas. Now let me give you an example, regarding this. Let us take a real musician, Robert Fripp for instance and the amateur Gerard Way, and tell them to design a statue of a man. Robert Fripp has sculpted a statue, which has a very complex structure, with different kinds of moods and colours, pertaining a very concise texture, and is worth enjoying looking at. Gerard way, on the other hand, who has no knowledge of this, has made a statue with no basic structure or texture at all. Evidently, the deformed statue that he has attempted to make will collapse. If you turn this into music, you will see the differences.

My Chemical Romance concentrates on their image, more than they could ever dream of focusing on their music. The babbling of teenage girls concerning the ‘sexiness’ of Gerard Way, is rather disturbing. Let’s face it, just look at him! His grotesque image is imprinted upon my brain. It’s really hard to believe that these immature teenagers find him attractive, and are willing to mutilate their body parts for him.

These nitwits, who dress silly, are a threat to actual music, any individual not deprived of average understanding of basic logic, will comprehend this.

The conclusion? Maybe you could find yourself some real bands and then devote your life to them, instead of wasting your valuable time and your unworthy life listening to such trash.
My Chemical Romance fan: Oh!!111!! McR is teh godz!!!

Intelligent person: Shut up, you idiot.
by Masnoon May 06, 2007
I thought since everyone that has so far put a definition for this seems to love them, I figured I'd do some justice to music and give my opinion. MCR are big fat emos and don't deserve to exist. Their music is possibly the worst I have ever heard. I hope they accidentally cut themselves too much and bleed out. No one can say they don't wanna be emo cuz they're all transexuals on purpose. I'm not being prejudiced or anything they just really suck.
Kryssen: I luv my chemical romance :)
Dan, Zach, Tyler, everyone: STFU U BIG FAT EMO

Kryssen: MCR is so nice :)
Everyone: Go cut urself.
by Dan, Zach July 12, 2006