The best band ever. Their image is getting darker and they have an obession with death. Although they get alot of shit about it they are definately not emo, id say "Screamo" or "Post Hardcore". Nothing like softcore bands (good charlotte, blink-182, simple plan).
Check Out "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" by "My Chemical Romance" Now! Its the best cd ever made.
by My Chem Fan January 08, 2006
a shitty band that plays emo music has fans that scare the shit out of me and play the same danm song a million and a half time and they think there the shit when they really just suck major cock
my chemical romance is the band i hate the most
by jack mehof September 02, 2007
a shitty band from new york that claims not to be emo but in reality sounds just like 5 other bands that claim to be emo. extremely over played on raido,mtv and other crappy stations.

its fan base consist's of 11-16 year old girls, 1 guy and 5 20 something year olds. the bands lead singer is the main problem in all of the filth because he pretends to be all hardcore and gothy when in reality even the fans of mcr hate him. the only decent thing about the lead singer is his wife lyn z of msi.

the band will be forgotten in 3 years when everyone gets over the emo fad.
mcr fan: OMG "My chemical romance" SAVVED MY LIFE IM SO GOFFIC AND DEEP!!!

goth: your shitty band is the reason people think goth and emo are the same thing. im going to bash your head into a locker now.
by faggot mcfaggerson October 07, 2008
A totally emo band that has some good material
If any of you Black Parade followers who think you know My Chemical Romance don't believe that they're emo, listen to Demolition Lovers. I'm the biggest thrasher out there and even I cried when I heard that song.
by MCR is emo May 03, 2007
A pretty damn good band. They are hated because they are not quite pop but not quite punk so they dont fit well with the teeny boppers but arent hardcore enough to be listened to by true punks (not the pseudopunks).
I'm surprised MCR made it to MTV.
by numetalsux March 26, 2005
I thought since everyone that has so far put a definition for this seems to love them, I figured I'd do some justice to music and give my opinion. MCR are big fat emos and don't deserve to exist. Their music is possibly the worst I have ever heard. I hope they accidentally cut themselves too much and bleed out. No one can say they don't wanna be emo cuz they're all transexuals on purpose. I'm not being prejudiced or anything they just really suck.
Kryssen: I luv my chemical romance :)
Dan, Zach, Tyler, everyone: STFU U BIG FAT EMO

Kryssen: MCR is so nice :)
Everyone: Go cut urself.
by Dan, Zach July 12, 2006
A band that once was cool when noone new of them... Now that all the 12 year old girls and midlife chrisis parents know of them one might feel the need not to listen.
grade 5:My chemical romance WOOT GERard is sexy woot!
old mcr fan: Kill me.
to bad for 3 cheers for sweet revenge
by Jen May 29, 2006

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