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When you and a group of friends have a relationship that surpasses all gayness and awkwardness.

Name comes from the famous punk rock band My Chemical Romance.
Dude, there's nothing that can separate our friendship; it's like a goddamn My Chemical Bromance.
by omgitsthatkidanonymous March 11, 2010
Used to refer to a friend you can't stand or don't like when you're sober, but when you're drunk/stoned you have a great time with this person.
Joe's a douche, but he's my chemical bromance
by poop_deck September 16, 2010
A parody of the crappy "punk" band MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. Used to show that you dislike the band or believe they're gay (and most likely both.)
I can't believe you listen to that My Chemical Bromance bullshit, I hate you.
by anononononononymous May 17, 2008
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