Tamil-Malayalam double entendre denoting:
1. 'full' or 'complete'
2. The Dravidian Penis, alluding to its large size. Hence,
a Dravidian Man.
In S. India, the fractional system (1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, ...) is used throughout Dravidian civilisation, incl. dance poses, land records & salary payment. In popular culture, these fractions serve s 'double-tongued' 'Do-Zabani' terms for the different penises generally found in Tamil Nadu:

a. 'Muzhu' or 'full': the 6-12 inch Black Tamil Penis, simultaneously the largest & most common male organ found in Tamil Nadu.

b. 'Mukkal' or '3/4': the 4.5-5.5 inch fair Caucasoid Indian Muslim Penis, relatively small by S. Indian standards.

c. 'Arai' or '1/2': the 3-4.5 inch Indo-Aryan Brahmin Penis, the smallest organ generally found in S. India.

Hence, the Dravidian Thamilan & Thamilachi alike contemptuously look down on both the 'Thulukkan' & 'Pappan', taking the successes of the Nawabi Telinga Regiments, Dalit Panthers & the Madras Regiment in N. India as proof of the weaker physique of the Indo-Aryan, & upholding the near-universal presence of the 'Thulukkachi Pondatti' & the 'Pappathi Pondatti' as proof of the inferior size of the 'Thulukka-Lingam' & 'Pappu-Lingam'. Both hence expect, & usu. receive, the obsequious submission of the Indian Muslim & the Brahmin.
1) Pappu: I wish I was born a Non-Brahmin Tamilian and not a Brahmin! Then I'd have a muzhu!

2) Thulukkachi: Sorry my dear Thulukkan husband, but your mukkal isn't doing it for me tonight. Go out and find me a muzhu!

3) Raavan: When that hot Thulukkachi saw my muzhu, she said she'd never go back to a short
Ali-Lingam again!

4) 'Annan pondatti araipondatti, thambi pondatti muzhu pondatti' ( Elder brother's wife is a half wife and younger brother's wife is full wife) - Tamil proverb. 'Immoral Traffic - Prostitution in India' V Sithannan. Chennai: Jeywin Pub.ns, 2006, p 2.

5) "To these are added five stances, mandala sthanakas {in Keralite dance}: Samam, standing; Ara, half-bent; Muzhu, full; Mukkal, three-quarters; and Kal, quarter." 'Performing arts of Kerala' Mallika Sarabhai. Ahmedabad: Mapin Pub., 1994, p 155.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza August 31, 2012

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