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Someone who comes from/spends alot of time in/wishes they lived in muswell hill, north london. The majority of muswell hillbillys live in huge houses and wear scarves all year round. smoking is cool, getting wasted in priory park is cool, pingu is cool, the spice girls are cool - anything you would least expect a muswell hillbilly to like, they will think is cool, just to be different, but in all trying to be different from each other, they all end up being exactly the same. anyone who doesnt live in their area is considered scum unless they frequently visit and hold house parties. despite usually being very rich most of them are leeches. they frequently try to use flowery and pretentious language, but almost always use it slightly out of context. when you question them, they will tell you what a pathetic grasp you have of the english language, fling their cravatte over their shoulder and stroll away.
Muswell hillbilly:

'I'm so annoyed - my parents bought me an ipod for my birthday, even though i TOLD them i wanted a teapot.'

'what did you do then? surely you could have just bought a teapot...'

'oh i could have done couldn't i...oh well its too late, they took the ipod back yesterday'

by Frankiepoos October 10, 2005
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