an object or person (living thing) that is smelling really, really bad
'You are musting really badly right now!'

('You are smelling really badly right now!')
by TimTam Tambo Timbo March 16, 2011
Top Definition
A collective term for unspecified trappings or contents.

May also mean unclean or unkempt.
Check out this bag of dece mustings!
by C-Rizzle_Rx September 09, 2011
if someone is musting, it means you can smell them from aproximately 100 metres away or even just infront of you. They will have BO. (they smell really bad)

to must, means to smell bad...
to be musting, means to be smelling really badly...
a muster, is a person who musts...
That guy across the room is musting and i think im going to vomit!
by Tits and ass man March 31, 2011
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