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Greatest insult in the world.
originated on trailer park boys
Bubbles: You dirty...Mustard Tiger!

Phil Collins: AW HELL NAW!!!
by Jed BaCON December 07, 2007
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As used for Philadelphia Collins ( RIP ) on The Trailer Park Boys, also takes on the meaning of someone with a horribly protruding belly, and T-Shirts 2 sizes too small. T-Shirts are a must for the full package, a button down shirt would probably just pop. In addition the T-Shirt must also have some image emblazened on it, such as a logo for a local eatery, or most commonly, cartoon or video game characters.
"Hey, look at Francis, he is dressed like a Mustard Tiger!" or "Francis, why must you look like a Mustard Tiger all the time?"
by RobertPaulson76 August 22, 2013
someone who enjoys eatting and that is fat and lazy.
That fatass is a mustard tiger.
by herbert191919 December 27, 2007
A person who askes to stay at your house and then eats errything edeble in your house who is also jewish and really fat.... or if your name is Caleb Hollander.
Oh my god, Mustard Tiger ate my friggin Cheerios!
by chicken wing bro July 19, 2011

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