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1) A Female whom loves Mustard so much, she put it on All and/or most of their meals.
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2) An inddividual, whom wants to lick or have another individual lick Mustard off of the other individuals body.

3) Someone whom wears alot and/or always wears the color yellow.

4) Mustard Slut in this term/and slang,would define a woman whom is being reffered to as a "Good Lady."

5) An Individual whom has alot of sexual intercourse,around alot Marijuna Plants.

6) A Mustard Slut=Is an Asian Stripper.

7) A Blond Flirtatous gir whom is a just a tease.

-Not to be confused-nor mistaken' with A Slut Mustard(which is a complete diffrent deffinitation all together.)
*Example's: *
-Mustard Slut-

1-Oh my Daisys I am such a Mustard Slut, I am hella craving some Mustard ontop of my Pizza and Burrito for dinner.

2-Oh you sexy Mustard Slut, lick that mustard off of me.

3-Girl,you look like a freaking Mustard Slut, dressed like that!

4-MMMM Baby, You are my Mustard Slut.

5- I'll meet you in the grow room,My Little Mustard Slut.

6-After the Preformances I paid this little mustard slut, to give me a lap dance in her downstairs office.

7- That Mustard Slut gave me the worst blue balls ever.
by Anyalatte April 20, 2011
When a sexually active females vagina smells like rotting mustard
This girl named Jordan mutispaugh is a mustard slut, I can smell it from a mile away.

Rick: oh my word the hoe is a mustard slut, I throw up every time I get within 20 feet of her.
by Everythingzen March 08, 2015
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