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A Ford Mustang based automobile.
Of all the Mustang offshoots, my favorite is the current Avanti. It was originally a Studebaker. Then it became a Camaro based car. When the Camaro became extinct, Avanti switched to the Mustang platform.
by The Mustang Whisperer June 17, 2006
1) 1967 Mercury Cougar (it was later T-bird based. The last one seemed Probish, but I am uncertain.)

2) 1979 Mercury Capri (original, then Mustang, then Mazda)
Of the 2 Mustang offshoots: The '67 Cougar was a unique Mustang based car. The 1979 Capri was too much like a Mustang.
by Gerald R. Ford June 02, 2006