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Literally defined as a vicious punch to the cunt, a Muslim Punch is more broadly known as a sign of chauvinistic ownership of a woman -by a man- in the heavily conservative countries of the Middle East. It is usually delivered when the man is dissatisfied or upset with the services of his hard earned property. Either it will not perform its daily house chores or it will not "blow his cock" or "take it in the ass" like is customary for a "bitch to do." The man stands the woman up, pulls his arm back as far as he can, and sometimes -but not always- gives out a small prayer before he rams his fist into her vaginal cavity. The man then quickly retracts his arm out of the woman, leaving her in immense physical anguish, and if performed correctly, without the ability to procreate again. Additionally, in rare instances, when a man is given a Muslim Punch, it is because of his overly feminine tendencies.
Jabron: So Jamal, what happened between you and your wife.

Jamal: Well dude, I came home with the biggest hard on of my life. It was so large, I thought it was going to rip through my damn pants. So I get home, I call Peaches over, unzip my pants, pull out my dick, and simply point down at it. I thought she knew what she had to do.

Jabron: So did she beat your cock or what?

Jamal: No man! She gave me this pretentious look like she had better things to do like think for herself!

Jabron: Oh shit dude! What the fuck did you do then.

Jamal: I fucking grab the bitch, hold her up straight, and Muslim Punched the shit out of her.

Jabron: Nice dude. She won't pull shit like that again.
by Golimar May 29, 2007
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