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A style of music developed by Brian Gaudet( With musicana, there is no specific look. You welcome criticism, as it drives you to do better. It is a mixture of pop-punk, punk, surf punk and acoustic punk. The lyrics in Musicana are usually 100 percent personal and the music is usually a flip (fast paced sad songs, slow paced uplifting songs), although the opposite does occur. Honored Musicana artists are Blink-182, Green Day and Simple Plan.
Guy 1- Dude, this song is so sad.

Guy 2- Yea, it's called Save You by Simple Plan. It's about cancer.

Guy 1- What style of music is this? I've never heard anything like this before.

Guy 2- It's called Musicana. It's all personal songs.
by I_Am_A_Figment December 13, 2010
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