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N. An individual who normally acts like a friend to you and asks you the names of any good and/or underground songs/bands/remixes you play in their presence. This individual proceeds to spread this song to other people though word of mouth or social networking sites as if they found it in order to make themselves look "cool" and simultaneously destroy any possible awesomeness the music may have possessed before your so-called "friend" whored it out to the world.
Bob: Dude Nick is so awesome. He listens to Knowmads and he's so cool sharing all this good music with everyone.
Stephen: Nah man, hes a music succubus. He stole all that music from me and decided to ruin it by showing it to everyone he knows.
Bob: Oh, what a tool.
#douche #whore #music #succubus #tool #nick
by EstebanCastro July 17, 2011
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