1. A pebble (preferably found on a sandy beach) that is inserted into the navel and kept there.

2. A war cry shouted out by chemically imbalanced teenagers whilst publicly throwing tissues at each other on Koreitem and Bliss St.

3. Sign of deep and sincere affection
"MUSHU! TAKE THAT!" *tissue pack hits head*
by tanjara3 January 11, 2010
a fat person that likes to have sex with turtles and eat midgets. A guy that likes to touch peoples nipples regardless of their gender. A guy that distrubutes child pornography. Makes children cry, and makes old ladies shit themselves.
omg i didn't know there were any mushu's in this town.
by no muscles September 14, 2010
Someone who craves, and usually gets, attention. Widely considered freaks mushi (not mushus) are a threat to our society. See Carnage Blender
Mushu is acting like an idiot today....let us slap him with a variety of fish
by Jonathan July 07, 2004

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