1. A pebble (preferably found on a sandy beach) that is inserted into the navel and kept there.

2. A war cry shouted out by chemically imbalanced teenagers whilst publicly throwing tissues at each other on Koreitem and Bliss St.

3. Sign of deep and sincere affection
"MUSHU! TAKE THAT!" *tissue pack hits head*
by tanjara3 January 11, 2010
Top Definition
Means you want pussy, sex, etc. It was popularized by James Carter aka Chris Tucker
Carter: Lee! Cmon man, you gotta lay low and relax, and besides i want some mushu!

Lee: Carter! This is no time for messing around!
by Faizan August 11, 2007
To engage in acts of physical intimacy with a member of the sex to which you are attracted. Including, but not limited to, tongue, ass, pussy etc..
I got mushu from your mom last night (and it wasn't the kind you eat)
by Noah March 19, 2003
the most badass little red dragon ever from the disney movies mulan and mulan 2
guy1: did u see mulan
guy2: yeah that mushu is badass
by wastedpwnage101 February 19, 2012
Acts of foreplay.

A type of chinese soup.
Hey man, I want some mushu!
Mushu, you hungry?
No, not mushu, mushu! I want some women man.
(coutesy of Rush Hour 2)

Ruey, you still want mushu?
by the blade July 27, 2003
A bar in Bacolod City, Philippines. Where the party peeps and cool kids hangout in, its usually associated with non "buki" people, which means people who are basically cheap, they go elsewhere, so that means, if you got less than 1000 PHP, get the fuck out! Mushu is also cool place to chill and hangout with some hot girls.
I went to Mushu, and I think I just got way cooler
by BCD101 November 07, 2009
1. An attractive female
2. Pussy
1. Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, etc...

2. Yo son, I saw wiefy on Friday, and got some Mu Shu
by Patrick Ficarra January 25, 2006
Coolest name for Chinchilla's EVER! Mushu's are well known for their ninja awesomeness and being badass. Those that are chinchilla's love dandelion treats and exploring
G: She's got a Mushu!
B: A what?
G: A ninja chinchilla!
B: Awesome
by Turtledove29 August 08, 2011
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