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n. "teree maa kaa thokoo" "the guy who fucks your mom"

A legendary figure, who's the subject of a recurring joke. The objective of this joke is to make someone ask "who's mushtaq". But they must already know about this joke from previous experience, and are tricked into asking it all the same. Then you hit them with the above given statement.

This is ideally done in a group setting.
Guy # 1 : Dude I had so much fun yest, we went to Bar Ibiza, then I hung out with a lot of cool people: Anna (a known friend) (other guy nods..)...Steve.. (guy nods some more).. Mushtaq

Guy # 2: Wait, who's Mushtaq

... long pause, which makes Guy # 2 realize he's fucked up. and then he gets hit with it:

"the guy who fucks your mom"
by teree maa kaa thokoo November 04, 2009

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