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-A hidden village in Japan
-Run buy Ninjas wearing rice paddy hats painted with spots on top to camouflage in forest
- All people live in a giant mushroom which glows in the dark
-Millions of fire flies are located in the village
-A traditional night festival happens every 200 years when shooting stars fall from the sky
-The only location in the planet with countless amount of stars every night
-Common enemies were Samurai clans, Bandits, Other ninja clans.
-Common weapons used to protect village from invaders are Sticks, poison needle blow guns, Katanas, Poison smoke bombs, Kunais, Farming tools, etc.
Legend says that these people and there mushroom villages are extinct cause samurai clans wiped them all out. Or did they?
by Ricemanjegposjg December 20, 2011

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