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(n) - A syndrome where you're fed bullshit and kept in the dark. Derives from the method of cultivating mushrooms: they add a lot of fertiliser and keep them in the dark and damp.

A person can suffer from Mushroom Syndrome in any way; the only circumstances are:

(1) A person doesn't tell you everything about a certain situation concerning you/and or them


(2) They tell lies.
Sarah: So how's your relationship with Andy going?

Bree: OMG! He gave me Mushroom Syndrome! It turns out he was actually gay, which he never told me about.

Sarah: Wow! So what did he bullshit to you about? You know, the other half of the Mushroom Syndrome?

Bree: Oh, he told me he didn't break the blender but it *actually* was him!
by Mushroomizer7 May 14, 2011
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