Murt, a combination of murder+hurt.

used when referring to a group of individuals who have been attacked by an outside source. some of which are dead, while others are injured but not mortally so.

It is used as a quick reference to the damage you have inflicted on a group of targets.

Used in the song Black Tee as made famous by DEM FRANCHISE BOYZ.
"hit the scene, black jeans in an all black shirt
Black mask on my face
Leave all yall murt"
by Daniel Verna September 19, 2007
Top Definition
A sound one makes when situations become extremely awkward. Can be exaggerated to emphasize the awkwardness. Also can be used when about to break bad news to a family member or friend.
Person A: i have bad news..
Person B: yeah?
Person A: i killed you cat...muuuuuurt?

hey wanna hang out tonight?
murt? i'm hanging out with your ex boyfriend..
by Da(-h)lia August 21, 2008
Mentally Unstable Registered Troll
Anyone who posts under the user name MURT
by 4Ruby November 07, 2008
a newly discovered breed of animal that is an identical twin of sasquatch
murt man murt man murt man murt man murt man murt man
by colby johnson March 18, 2008
fish head, anyone who has a fish face flat head
that guy has a murt
by detriot what July 16, 2010
someone who doesnt try anything or go places
- your a murt why dont you come do anything.
by errm. June 11, 2009
gross stuff you find in your ear
Girl A: ewww that guy has murt in his ear
Girl B: murt isnt a word, you retard
Girl A: .. yes it is
by krystal_kiss February 16, 2006
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