Murphy Lee is one of the best lookin rappers out there. No St. Lunatic compares. His rymes is just as tight as his dreds.
Murphy Lee is so damb SEXY and will make it far.
by Murphy's Future baby MAMA September 16, 2003
Murphy Lee is so FINE, and he doin his thang.He reppin hard. GO HEAD BABY
Ashley From Mo-town I'm gonna Moultrie on the map
by Murphy's wife September 13, 2003
hot, sexy, and very attractive
like in shake your tale feather
by calliope shorty August 07, 2003
real talent, sexy as hell and da school boy has graduated to the University of Deerty Entertainment. He'll be mine one day Murphy and Da School Girl 2gether 4ever. On the real the best up and coming rappers. Show him some love. Murphy's LEEgal on December 1st!! Tohri Harper My Baby.
Up and coming rapper who is sexy and a lady's man who will be able to buy his Hennessey and Hypnotic for that Incredible Hulk. Murphy Lee aka Tohri Harper.
by DaSkoolGurl_aka_Tohri's_BabyGirl September 28, 2003
Another dime-a-dozen rapper who takes the creative genius from others and signs his name to it while butchering the English language by trying to re-spell conjunctions and pronouns.
Murphy Lee gon en'up nowhay.
by Mustafa November 10, 2003
to b da finest dark skinned dude in da rap business, damn he fine
ill shake my tailfeather 4 u even though u were hardly in da video. p.diddy cut u off cuz he was jealous, thats all
by hotgurl September 21, 2003
he iz coool i gots 2 admit but nelly iz waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotta!! sorri murph u got a long way 2 catch up 2 mi baby nelly!!
oh who cares itz writen above!!
by nellyzwife4evar January 21, 2004

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