his a talented ass muther fucked from ST.L got good looks and he wit the realest nigga in the world Nelly
by St.lunatic fan September 12, 2003
One of the hottest and most talented St. Lunatic, and on top of that he look goooooooood!!!!!
Murphy can make the ordinary into extraordinary.. like in "Welcome to Atlanta (remix)!
Sexy as hell 'n' Sweet as Hell!
Murphy is fine and he knows hot to treat a lady!
by Wifey's one and only wifey!!!!! August 21, 2003
One fine azz mutha and DEA's boyfriend and baby momma.
Murphy Lee goes out with DEA from the MIA.
by DEA August 19, 2003
A sexy chocolate fine brother that can be my baby daddy.
by murphy lee's princess October 24, 2003
hottttttttttttttt assssssssssssssssssssss
he so hotttttt because he just is and the assssssssssssss come from because when u first seen him it was love at fist sight. i' m 15 but i know
by laqueshia young September 24, 2003
Sexy as fuck!!!!! tha only nigga in tha world for me!!!
by PiNkPaNtHa September 18, 2003

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