Murphy Lee or should I say Mr. Tohri Harper is one of GOD'S SEXIST CREATIONS. He is the best St. Lunatic yet. And he carries himself in such a funfilled way.
Just look at any of his pictures.
by ReesesPieces8301 January 06, 2004
A hot sexy nigga wiht a lot of talent
by Murphy's Sexy Angle October 24, 2003
A fine, raw, cold cut Quarter piece. From St.Louie
by Murphy\'s Daughter October 08, 2003
A fine, raw, cold cute, Quarter piece. That's blowin' up hittin' the BIGG TIMES. Wit the otha St.Lunatics
by Murphy's Daughter October 08, 2003
Murphy is the most sexiest black man alive! He knows how to get down! He is the hottest rapper and is climbing to the top!
by Tami October 03, 2003
Beutiful, talented, and an all around nice guy. Not to mention he will be my baby daddy in the future, so he gets mad respect for that.
Murphy lee staring into my eyes, lickin' his full lips, while in between my legs tellin' me how good my pussy is.......We have made an example out of his beauty, his many talents, as well as is niceness he portrays!!
by MurphyGyrl September 14, 2003
(Noun)Born Tohri Harper, the most attractive yet underrated rapper to ever come out of Universal Records. Possessing undoubtably the realest talent since Jay- Z.
"Anything that can go right, will go right." -Murphy Lee
by Candi I. September 13, 2003

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