1. To be stricken with an exceptionally potent case of Murphy's Law

2. To be repeatedly stricken with cases of Murphy's Law, of any severity
Man, I got murphed hard when I bent over to tie my shoe, and accidentally farted just as a hot girl walked by, and fell face-forward in front of a speeding Vespa!
by SunshineAndPudding May 05, 2011
Top Definition
Getting fucked up the ass in a bush or getting shit on.
Whoa! She just got murphed!
by Rockaway Boys January 01, 2011
To get fooled into an out-of-this-world, amazing deal. The poor fool will have problems and bills out-of-this-world.
Customer: "I have a basic phone. If I get a smartphone, will my bill stay the same?"

Sales rep: "Yea, Yea, Yea!"

That customer just got Murphed!
by redsevenx February 10, 2013
to backend someone for overtaking you on a race track
ambrose got murphed as he went around ford cutting
by Jared73 October 20, 2005
Murphing, murph,murphed. is also known as an Irish Good Bye. To be engaged in a gathering of friends and suddenly disapear for the night with out ANY good byes
Hey Kim have you seen Ken! No he was just here, he might have murphed!
by Ktcb123 May 20, 2015
to get messed up(by someone or in something)
raul just murphed you!
by Kellington Brown March 10, 2008
To be a nasty ass hoe, fugly as hell,and a sloppy drunk
1) Damn this hoe just got murphed.
2) Yikes! this hoe is acting a murph
3) Yo I almost just threw up this girl is a straight up murph.
by rockawaygirls February 20, 2012
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