to annoy a dog with your hands, mainly around the head area. any physical contact with the dog's face that does not do any physical harm yet still annoys the shit out of the doggy.
Why is the dog's fur so messed up around his face? Maybe it's because you murgled him so much.
by TaraAwesomeness January 01, 2009
Top Definition
Random, thought provoking word to use during awkward silences.
They say, "I love you."
You say, "Murgle!"
by LSL November 22, 2004
To be simultaneously burgled, murdered, and a little bit raped. A swooping motion of all three at once.
Erin: "Don't forget to lock my door, I don't want to get murgled"

"What does that mean?"

Erin: "Murdered, burgled, and raped"
by murgler December 08, 2010
To lurk in the shadows and sneak around with cat-like stealth. The act of murgling most often involves the permanent separation of food from its rightful owner or designated storage location. The pilfered property may also take the form of shiny trinkets, small beads, bits of glass, screws, hex nuts, and other items of low or minimal value.
Ok, who murgled the last brownie!

I had ten screws set aside right there and now there are only seven, who could have murgled them?

I murgle the pizza, you murgle the beer.
by Heptard February 09, 2008
A combination between a murmur and a gurgle, usually made by babies or elderly.
The baby has been making murgle noises all morning, I think he is trying to tell us something.
by Slavo D June 21, 2009
The sound or act of a phlegm filled cat purring.
His stomache flipped over as he listened to the sound of his sick cat murgle from beneath the desk.
by Simon Morgan June 10, 2004
1. to solve a problem by whatever means necessary (primarily brute force, caffeine, sleep deprivation and pirating), first part of the word murder, and last part of gobble indicating killing and eating problems

2. a problem in need of solving that is the process of being murgled
1. This is going to take a lot to murgle.

2. It's just a murgle.
by f8murg October 08, 2007
The mumble used in place of one's name when introducing people whose names one has forgotten. Coined by Jovial Bob Stine. Often used with Blempgorf. "While everyone assumes they couldn't hear and re-introduces themselves, you can slip off and eat some little party hot dogs."
Hello, murgle murgle, I'd like you to meet my new friend murgle. I've got to run; those mini hot dogs look tasty.
by Decaf Silicon May 12, 2003
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