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Intelligent creature with a dark and gloomy past. it's knowledge about cars is outstanding and some say it knows so much it can never remember how much it actually knows. it's pretty harmless if you leave it be but hear this; if this creature is teased to much it will cause serious harm to the teaser. *TEASERS BEWARE*

it has a softspot for cakes, cookies and nice cars.
teaser 1:" look! there's a Murfy over there"

teaser 2:" yea! lets go tease it"

*both teasers didn't even make it to the hospital 'cause they died of thier injuries before the medical team could get there*

Murfy:" FEED.......MEEEE......CAAAKE....!!!!!"
by theExpert February 24, 2013
Small, ginger homosapian twat. Around knee height and found in darkest Wishaw. Vicious when provoked but usually feminine. Usually shadowing girlfriend in order to look cool but secretly likes men. Defends territory by "singing" which will deter any animal with working ears, and some deaf.
hey murfy, stop putting your finger near my ass, i ain't into that shit!!!!!

Yeah murfy, you really hit that note good!!!
by Murfy fanclub inc. February 05, 2004
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