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1. A genre of action so intense, and so focused on killing, that it is called Murderotica because it often has a terrible story line, and just about killing people.
2. An awesome song by Norma Jean
I saw Rambo last night, best Murderotica ever
by Mihr January 27, 2008
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Murderotica is a creative genre (usually of writing) that sexualizes violence (especially murder, torture, mutilation etc.). Often, but not always, the protagonist is the perpetrator of the violent acts. Murderotica tends to focus primarily on homicidal violence, and less on other aspects of a story. Murderotica writing finds its film counterpart in snuff films, and some Horrorcore rap could be considered Murderotica. The term is a contraction of the words 'murder erotica' or 'murderer erotica'.
~"Lustmord" by K. Bourque is Murderotica that describes the depraved exploits of a serial murderer first-person, from his birth to death.

~Only erotophonophiliacs, necrophiliacs or serial killers would want to read Murderotica... but it makes you wonder, what sort of person would -write- it??
by TheLadyKiller November 16, 2010
Just the way that the word sounds. A type of pornography where the victim is killed after the sexual acts have been performed. see also snuff
I saw this murderotica porn the other night, it was disgusting the guy had his way with the girl then smashed her head in with a shovel & burned her body.
by Smutface June 01, 2005

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