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The itty bitty city in the North Bay. Where bud gets rolled, sold, and blowed. Crime is on the steady rise and if u slip you could die. 707 is the area code where game is sold and not told. A.K.A. MURDA PARK RPEEZY, ROHNERT PARK, MURDA PEEZY, RP
Tupac and Ray Luv used to kick it in Murder Park back in the day.

Murda Park Dig Em Up In Tha Dark!
by Chris Campbell May 04, 2005
A small city in the north bay commonly known as Rohnert Park. No one knows who started the name Murder Park, but it can most likely be attributed to a young teen when R.P was first developing. Most historians believe that because Rohnert Park was the first suburban community in the country teenagers had to compensate for growing up in such a soft area so they wouldn't look like such pussies, which they still are.
"Some Rancho kid just threw an egg at my house yelling Murder Park for life"

"It's alright, the cops got nothing to do tonight, they'll catch him."
by the sr kid February 06, 2009
Rohnert Park aka Candy land is the killenist part in sonoma county
murder park after dark is the killenst part ahahahahha 1-1-9 niggaz!
by Clinton Hicks March 03, 2005
people get rocked in the mean streets esspecially little sissies that get their ass kicked and bitched by nick c
christopher little bitch campbell got laid the fuck out by the biggest pussy in murder park. all day everyday
by THE BULLdyke March 02, 2006
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