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Having sex while you're menstruating, or having sex with a woman who is menstruating. Specifically describes the situation of having sex in the dark, and not noticing the condition until turning on the lights or walking into a lit room after the fact. Indicates surprise of noticing the site of your passion is splattered with blood, much like a murder scene. Situation is amplified by white sheets.
Can be expanded to "Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre" to imply that oral sex took place.
Dude 1: I brought this girl home last night, and it was awesome, at first...
Dude 2: What happened?
Dude 1: When I switched on the lights, total Murder Mystery Theatre! My white sheets were ruined!
Dude 2: Wow man, that sucks!
Dude 1: Yeah, but she did offer to clean them, so I might keep seeing her...
by Annabelle Veal September 29, 2011
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