This is used when talking about someone you don't like. It could be used in different ways. You could use it as calling someone annoying/evil/ugly/mean. It's pretty much the word used for anyone you dislike.
"He will not stop talking, he is such a Murad!" "Ugh, look at that Murad, I hate him."
by greendayaddictxx August 07, 2009
Top Definition
Knight and Shining armor from planet earth. He is a calm and collected gentleman from an extinct race. He rides around town on his black stallion with his beloved secret admirer. Generally attracts the female breed with his ambrosial and dulcet aroma. Gifted, handsome, and delectable, he's a true one-of-a-kind.
A: "Who's that mighty-fine rajah wizzing on my roses?"

B: "That would be Murad...."
by Medusadrooler April 13, 2011
1. Murad is a name that is derivative of the Palestinian word for omnipotent. When parents bestow the sacred name of Murad upon their offspring, they are, in a sense, ensuring their child will outlive and outperform the rest of mankind.

2. A Murad is usually someone who is talented and witty, who can use said wit to coax smiles and gut-bursting laughter from anyone in proximiy.

3. A Murad is someone who is considered one of the most ridiculously talented artists known to man. If one were to question the validity of a Murad artist, one should expect to be scoffed at, followed by an insult.

When the word Murad is modified, it can take on a whole new meaning. Examples:

Murad>>>Muradica - a very sensual type of romance that all of the ladies find irresistible.
Murad>>>Murad Stewart - a tactic to lure in attractive females by singing in a raspy, yet seductive manner while strutting your stuff and exuding mass amounts of charisma.
Murad>>>Murader - someone who is seen as an unrelenting soldier. A Murader gets the job done and never fails
I've got my head in a Muradica novel while I'm playing Murad Stewart in the the background, 'cause that's how I roll! I'm a Murader! Booya!
by ShadowlikeZenz April 11, 2011
Murad is the pride of Bengal, the most fun, and good hearted. is always followed good fortune
Murad is the cleverest;

the most beautiful;
by amaknowall December 13, 2010
A substitute for "double nigger".
"Look dude, I have a bucket."
by Arozehuntah May 06, 2008
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