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A term used for a womans private parts
"It was so big it made my munyang hurt"
by Lozzapalooza December 12, 2005
Generally this word refers to a woman or something feminine in either a good or bad way which is your decision at the time. Also can be used as substitute for any slang word.
Dude to female: "Later Munyang”

Man:“How loud is that massive gaggle of Munyangs over there?"

Girl: "bYE Im goin to see the Munyags!"

Boy: "Munyangs on the Gold Coast r so HOT!"
by Drac.GC December 24, 2012
a persons vagina, usually female
can i please munch on your mun yang?
by mun yang muncher September 08, 2009
The act of a horny male becoming erect
Oh my god that man saw my mum and got a munyang
by Joe April 08, 2004