Used to describe a disgustigly dutty girl, derived from a munted-ting.
A: Eugh blud that girl is Munting

B: Trusssss
by CertifiedBadman May 02, 2011
To 'pimp' a link or a site.
Slinwagh is such a munter, he keeps on munting links to etc etc
by NotCK December 18, 2008
Something very wrong that most possibly originated in Germany, involving dead people and their decomposed juices.
We're in dusseldorf, the munting capital of the world.
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
to munt; the act of looking very ugly.
"here we go, a-munting!"

"ugh, i feel like shit and i'm munting for scotland."


"she sure knows how to munt."

by jojo, baby. ;) May 15, 2007
nasty nasty thing, be it female, male or otherwise
thats munting
Adj. for munter
OK. In order to ensure to the highest degree of certainty that I definitely never ever go to the same uni as you, you HAVE to tell me which ones you are applying to before I do. Then I will be saved from ever having to look at the munting face of ol' thicky here
by anycon October 16, 2003

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