One who on a regular basis pursues particulary unattractive females or munters, with the sole objective of getting passionate with them, to boost there own self-esteem.
"Dean pulls loads of ugly girls, he is a munter hunter" or
"The munter hunter is behind the building having intercourse with a particularly ugly lady"
by StuartB August 04, 2008
Top Definition
(british slang) A young male who goes out purely for the purposes of pulling a munter.
Gregs got really bad taste in birds, yeah he's a right munter hunter.
by Spanky the monkey November 30, 2004
A person who goes out with a crossbow and shoots munters.
Ugly girl: Oh no, a munter hunter!
by Macro Heartache April 10, 2007
Fergus Toolan
Fergus Toolan is a prime example of a munter hunter
by K5girl March 11, 2011
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