A species of animal which define our crazy world.
Ulcer Munkee, Bank Munkee
by NC June 24, 2004
Top Definition
Slang for a human female possessing not only exceptional beauty, but a playful attitude as well. The actual phrase should only be applied by someone who is close to the subject.
Check out my munkee over there. She's the hottest girl in here.
by Qvack Duck December 01, 2007
ME! a gurl that makes definitions at urbandictionary.com.
a duh. i like boyzzz
by MUNKEES!!! November 11, 2003
Kind of like hot chickunz, but even HOTTER.
You're da biggest munkee in da hol waad wurrrrld.
by chickunman June 14, 2003
A name for a homosexual male that has no drive in life except to let other men fart on his face, or in his mouth. Although very strange behaviour, Munkees are an up and coming social group that must be dealt with just like the Fat.
You're a Munkee, aren't you?

NO!.... Yes... How could you tell?

I'm confusing you're breath with Monte's fart.
by Munkee hunter February 04, 2010
The thing that lives in most males pants
I licked Benjis munkee. yummm
by Joee August 16, 2004
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