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This is a sexual action where you dig up a dead body, preferrably one that has been dead for around a month. This allows for the body to become relatively rancid while still remaining quite juicy and supple. One person hangs the deady body from a tree by the waist, causing the corpse to take the shape of a dog. One person fucks the corpse doggy style in the ass while the other person places his mouth on the vagina/penis of the dead corpse and punches the stomache until the rancid embalming and body fluids rush into that person's mouth. (see "munion") The person fucking the corpse doggy style climaxes into the the corpse's ass and then proceeds to suck out the semen and rotten ass juice through a bendy straw. (see "feltch") The person who just performed the munion on the corpse's genitalia then sacrafices a beaver by cutting its stomache open and raping its intestines. The person who has been holding onto the feltched fluids then makes out with the person who is raping the sacraficed beavers intestines, and they both dance naked and cut themselves to "MY HELENA" by my chemical romance.
Dude, I'm so glad we got rid of that pesky beaver straight up munion feltch beaver style!
by Matthew Pearson December 03, 2007
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