You pick up a girl at a bar and are lucky enough to take her home. You are however embarrassed by the small size of your penis and promptly switch the light off when things get funky in the bedroom. When you are about to have sex you reach for a dildo and proceed to pleasure the girl with it like it is your own penis. The girl is none the wiser and afterward thinks you have both stamina and a large wang.
Last night I perfomed a munich, she was none the wiser.
by Simon74 April 10, 2007
A term given to the football club of Manchester united. After the delightfull event of a plane crash in 1958 were by the team of Man U plumeted to their deserved deaths as they hit the icy munich runway in flames. From then on they were known simply as Munich. Also see scum, glory hunters, inbreds, cunts, and people not from Manchester
Gary neville is a fithly lowlife dwarfed munich piece of vermin scum
by Harold shipman November 26, 2006

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