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Formerly known as the secret capital city of Germany, located in the heart of Bavaria. Well known of open-minded but still tradition-based inhabitants. Home of a world famous beer culture (e.g. Löwenbrau, Hofbräuhaus, Oktoberfest) as well as technology corporations as Siemens and BMW cars.
Finally, city of the highest rents in Germany and home of the soccer club FC Bayern München, rated as one of the five best soccer clubs in the world.
On our SEE EUROPE IN FIVE DAYS TOUR we stayed three nights and days in Munich, because it's such a lovely city.
by Dobedobedo August 03, 2005
the most beautiful city in the world
"i'm moving to munich in the spring." - "omg, will you take me with you??"
by minionofher March 25, 2006
City in southern Germany, state Bavaria, famous for the Octoberfest (lasts two weeks in late september, ends on first sunday in october)
During the Octoberfest, Munich will be full of drunken people from all over the world.
by -- ---- - June 06, 2005
Gorgeous capital of the Free State of Bavaria; 2 mio inhabitants; very continental, very traditional and very high tech!
Lederhosen und Laptop!
by Anonymous January 04, 2005
Munich, (orig. München, from Old German meaning "near the monks' place").
- a city in Southern Germany, capital of the free state of Bavaria
- a smaller city in North Dakota
- insert stupid Oktoberfest joke here
I tried to find a Taco Bell in Munich, but all it came up with is one in North Dakota.
by Travelbug November 02, 2003
with reference to the air crash of 1958, also means Manchester United Never Intended Coming Home
Manchester United Never Intended Coming Home - MUNICH
by bored telemech July 21, 2006
Another name for a manchester united fan. This is due to the fact that their aeroplane crashed in munich and killed their players. Ha Ha Ha. Another term used for these people is queer.
You are dirty Munich b*****ds!
by Andrew Amesbury April 07, 2006
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