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Mundo de Los Grupos, or Mundo, for short, is a friggin awesome world where only awesome people enter. Restrictions apply, and Mundo refrains the right to exclude people based on age, race, sexual orientation, level of attractiveness, and level of awesomeness.

Generally, entrance to Mundo can only be gained by knowing someone who is already a member of Mundo-- preferably an elite because then they'll give you access faster. Mundo is made up of several different groups, and entrance is limited, so if one group is already filled up you must wait until someone leaves/is removed from the group in order to enter.

You can check availability by calling Mundo's 24/7 call center. Phone number can only be acquired if you know the Gatekeeper.
Tofu: EY is tan-tan-tan finally available in Mundo de Los Grupos?!
Awesome Elite: Sorry, line's still busy. Check tomorrow...but HEY, the Rock group has space!
by fresadeliciosa January 28, 2010

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