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A storage area, usually consists of one whole group.
Eg: The mumpty upstairs needs sorting out.
by Mumpty lover March 13, 2005
slightly bruised banana, grown in the Tuna Town of Adelaide.
E! What the fuck r u fucking mumpties doing
by MARTAN LUTHOR PRINCE November 09, 2010
A Mumpty is a Mum who is far cooler than normal Mums. A Mumpty never tells you to turn your music down, likes your friends, gets pissed with you, provides you with money for extra curricular activities and doesn't set a curfue.
I told Mumpty I wasn't coming back for tea tonight.

Mumpty's coming to the pub with us tonight.
by KizzieShadows December 28, 2009
A storage area in a house, usually on the top floor.
The mumpty has become all dusty...we need to clear it up.
by mumpty lover March 13, 2005