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Used to express reluctance or disinterest in carryinng out an activity that is undesired.
Honey, could you please take out the trash?

by Ted December 02, 2003
12 4
1. Dope
2. Wasted
3. Friend
Yo, you see that kid? He was all mumphed up
by cheebychunk March 23, 2006
7 4
mentally retarded individual
They should make the windows on short buses pepper flavored so the mumph's won't lick the glass.
by Donba March 02, 2007
7 6
An embarrassingly thin cappuccino-stain of a moustache. All too common during Movember, the Mumph Munth.
Howard: "Don't you mock my moustache. It's taken me over a month to grow."
Vince: "A mumph?!?"

- The Mighty Boosh
by Mumpher October 02, 2013
0 1