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Mukor is the malevolent boss of the 1987 sequel to the classic Atari videogame Asteroids known as Blasteroids. He rules all the galaxies.

Mukor is a sentient, large, green spacefaring entity with multiple short, stumpy tentacles that he can launch small ships from. To defeat Mukor one must destroy all his tentacles. But he returns in later levels with more tentacles. Mukor also had a tendency to taunt players in digitized speech.
"No Earth Slime has destroyed Mukor..."
by Professor Tiberius June 18, 2008

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The ruler of all galaxies. (From the game 'Blasteroids')
by Double E July 15, 2003
a crazy ass green motherfuckin blob that rules all galxies.
"Man , im mukor ova dis crib and everybody knows it."
by DP March 07, 2004