the asian girl that works/lives next door to you. usually 16 or 17 years old.
john: "have you seen adrianne today?"
kurt: "who?"
john: "you know, muk' muk' from next door"
kurt: "yeah. shes in them tight booty shorts again!"
john: "i love our little muk' muk'"
kurt: "me tooo"
by K/P & J/H September 01, 2007
Top Definition
When one is about to ejaculate but completely confuses ejaculation with urination and thus creates a golden shower instead.
My boyfriend is a total imbecile! He totally mukmuk'd all over my new sheets when he mistook me for a urinal.

Doctor! You completely messed up when you were reattaching his vas deferens! Had I not caught this, he would have mukmuk'd all over somebody.
by Ziggy Volten February 10, 2010
A person used who is a short emo person who may or may not sodomize objects.
see emo fag
person-"Hey muk muk your a fag, go cry you emo fag"
muk muk-"Im not very tall"
by Me May 30, 2004

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