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1) Mugway (proper noun) - The Creature of the deep, also see douche.

2) mugway (noun) - a douche; something catastrophically bad.

3) mugway (verb) - to be a douche; acting in a way that lessens yourself; twatting it up.

4) mugway (adjective) - horrible, heinous, unsightly, intolerable, boring.

5) mugway (onomatopoeia) - the sound that the elusive creature of the deep's face makes.

synonymous with 'kimoi' and pretty much everything else that is shit.
2) - man, what a mugway

- this situation is a mugway

- whoa, did you see that mugway?

3) - I'm gonna go mugway now

- He's mugwaying it

4) - Those shorts are very mugway

- This is mugway as fuck

e.g. The Mugway is mugwaying it up in a very mugway manner; whilst being a fucking mugway his face is making the 'mugway' noise.
by Artemis M. Loki May 12, 2010
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