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a magician that sings
he's a wonderful mugician.
by Bob's Wife August 23, 2007
A musical magician.
When I grow up, I want to be a mugician, both magical and musical.
by TSwagSwizzle August 11, 2015
A magical musician. Someone capable of using music for purposes other than audible pleasure (such as hypnosis).
The entire audience was entranced when the mugician began to play his flute.
by rustyNISSAN January 11, 2009
A musician who also performs magic tricks while on stage.
We saw him giving a live acoustic performance, and then suddenly he made doves fly out of his guitar! He was the best mugician I've ever seen!
by Mr Arizona July 20, 2010
A creator of music that is absolutely magical creating an out of this world experience.
"See that Stevie wonder, he is an absolute Mugician, I just don't know how he does it, amazing!"
by Papa G W May 14, 2016
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