A freeware game-creation program that can allow you to create complete fighting games from scratch. There are MS-DOS and Linux versions available on the Internet.
There are few original M.U.G.E.N games, characters, and stages on the Net because most people are so lazy that they just rip sprites and graphics from commercial videogames, and make characters and stages out of those.
by AYB March 11, 2003
An original program that got bastardized into an overglorified ROM.
by Anonymous March 11, 2003
A person, usually male, that is loud, arrogant, and ignorant all in one package. (often stated as to be a "mugen")
Dude your sister's boyfriend is such a mugen.
by BW Big Juicy August 31, 2010
The folks who created the engine stopped working on it because they squandered all their programming funds in Las Vegas. A really incredibly stupid move, given that their work had so much potential.

Oh well.....Time to find another engine to work for my game project. Screw M.U.G.E.N.
What was really annoying about M.U.G.E.N was that the engine did not have any backward compatibility with anything created with previous versions of the program.
by Homebrew Game Creator August 18, 2004
I tried looking for this fighting-game creation program, but so far the homepage is dead and what's left of the program is hosted on some obscure Spanish hentai/porn] popup sites. I have to assume the program is probably abandonware.
God dammit, Electbyte.com promised a Windows version of M.U.G.E.N. too. Oh well...
by stewart April 27, 2004
unlimited, as in ownage as in ScRiLLz
by muGEn September 08, 2003
- The sound Ryu from street fighter makes when he has a mouth full of cock.

- A brand of sticker rice boys stick to their car.
Look at tims car with its gay mouth full of cock mugen stickers.
by RMB Contributor June 01, 2003

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