* Tom Knychalski, a resident of Marycrest 4th Floor at the University of Dayton, is nicknamed "The Muffin Man". He is mostly known for getting belligerently drunk and peeing and/or vomitting in his own clothes and bed.
"Here comes the Muffin Man himself with vomit on his shirt!"

"I got so muffed up that I won the Muffin Man award."

"I love the Muffin Man song."

"I'm gonna get fucked up and play COD 4" -- Muffin Man

"Get the fuck outta my room!" -- Muffin Man

"Angela has the biggest tits in the world" - Muffin Man

"Your mom's a muffin." - Muffin Man

"Dasani vodka tastes so good!" - Muffin Man

"I like big wieners" - Muffin Man

by Jack Koff September 09, 2008
Top Definition
A man who loves to go down on women. To orally stimulate the clitoris or vulva with or without compassion i.e. cunnilingus. This expression may apply to those discriminating women who equally enjoy ravishing a muffin for Breakfast, Lunch or Sunday Brunch. Cocktail not included.
The first thing the Muffinman does after kissing his date is to go down on her and elevate the situation to another level. Wetworks!
by Rono January 15, 2007
A man who loves to go down on women. To orally stimulate the clitoris or vulva with or without compassion (a djPauli technique) i.e. cunnilingus. This expression may equally apply to those discriminating womem who experience the rapture of consuming a hot buttered queef-flap prior to Breakfast, Lunch or Sunday Brunch. Cocktail & jam not included.
The first thing the Muffin man does after kissing his date is to go down on her while inserting his freshly manicured thumb plug up her bungpod for desired effect (unsterilized fishing hooks are not withstanding and special considerations are available upon request ). According to djPauli G, this method of snatch wrangling does have it's drawbacks. see: Wetworks, queef flap, Chumfume, spiritual rapture.
by Rono January 15, 2007
A notorious criminal mastermind known to be plotting world domination via the mass baking of muffins. Experts hypothesise that he may be planning to force the muffins to fight for him. Although it was originally suggested that his lair was located on Drury Lane, searches produced no substantial results. Little more is known about him, other than that he may well be in league with a person by the name of M. Perryman. If you have any information on the whereabouts of the muffin man, do not hesitate to contact your government.
Do you know the muffin man?
by Wormy December 22, 2003
A man that performs oral sex on a woman.
Susie seems to be glowing more than usual today. She must have been visited by the muffin man.
by itsjussme February 28, 2004
Scientific mastermind researcher appearing the the Frank Zappa Song "Muffin Man". The Muffin Man works in the lab at the utility muffin Research kitchen. He works tirelessly to design new and better muffins for the rest of us. He is extremely passionate about his work, and firmly believes that Muffins are the best food on earth.
"Later he the muffin man says:

Some people... SOME PEOPLE like cupcakes exclusively, while myself, I say
There is naught nor ought there be nothing so exalted on the face of gods grey
Earth as that prince of foods... the muffin!"
by Britawaterfilterjuice March 01, 2010
A term used to describe someone outside of a social group

Anyone who's name is not known or ever brought up.
"Hey man, do you know who that guy is over there?"

Nah, he's in my English class, but he's a total muffin man."

"Do you know the muffin man?"

by sedoop April 04, 2015
He is the partner of jiggles the assclown, he waits for you to go to sleep, sneaks in usually through the window and then proceeds to stuff muffins up your ass and teabag your face without ever waking you up.
Boss- oh man did i have a bad night.

Employee- why what happened?

Boss- the damn muffinman got me last night now my face smells like balls and i cant stop shitting nuts and blueberries.

Employee- "whispers" asshole i wish the muffinman would come visit me.
by tossed salads October 05, 2009

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