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a jinx, or a person who brings bad luck to others or to other equipment.
"Argentina's president may be off the hook as a mufa, a cursed individual, a jinx."

-Seattle Times
by Vonroach November 03, 2009
A shortened version of the word "mother fucker"
you betta back up mu fa!
AHHH mu fa these boxers are new!
by jeremybeaner August 15, 2007
Another Word For Mother Fucker
Wha chu doin mufa..
Nuffin mufa cuzzin...
by Josh "CuZzIn" February 15, 2005
Your local neighborhood whore. Usually a cheap one that you can get for a nickel.
I gettin kinda horny, where the FUCK is Mufa at?
by Mikau Nero October 05, 2006
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