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Someone who stepped in poop.
George has a mudfoot fetish, he's always asking his girlfriend to poop out back so he can step in it.
by the DH September 28, 2010
A person that wears brown boot socks to physical activities: such as working out in the gym!
V. What's on your foot dawg?

Melon: Looks like giraffe jizz

DM: It's my socks baby

V. Dammit Mudfoot
by MAkDaddyM. August 29, 2009
Some witty guy who likes to draw bmp images and has a temper. Likes genocide when hungry.
'OMG! i luv u muddy!!
by Uruk-hai December 03, 2003
Someone who has stepped in Shit...
God Damn it stephanie you tracked shit all over my house you fucking Mud Foot!
by Ray July 02, 2004