One who has a parent of Christian descent and a parent of Jewish descent. Thus the blood of said person is contaminated by the Jewish portion of the family creating a Mudblood.
Joshua Weinberg celebrates both Christmas and celebrated a Bar Mitzvah, what a fucking mudblood.
by HaRrYpOtTeR FaN 11! August 16, 2011
A substance formed when a soiled tampon is released from one woman's vagina and shoved into the and ass of another.
Dude: Is that Mud Blood I smell.

Homie: Yeah.. just came out of that girls ass. Can you believe that smell... How's your mind?

Dude: Blown!
by rudytuesday April 22, 2010
A mudblood is someone who is half-jewish. Because said individual is only 1/2 Jew, he or she is not pure (because only full jews are pure) so he or she is a mudblood.
Did you get to know that girl pretty well last night? Well, jokes on you because she's a fuckin' mudblood degenerate.
by KRollz December 04, 2011
Profantity for someone who is half magic blood and half muggle (non-magical)
You Dirty Little Mudblood!
by Robaire July 16, 2005
1. what happens when you fuck a girl in the ass and pussy while she is on her period. it's called mudblood because afterward your cock will be covered in shit and blood, or, mudblood.

2. an insult from harry potter, meaning someone is half muggle and half wizard.
harry potter: i fucked my mudblood girlfriend, hermione, and afterward, my pulsating, uncircumsized member was covered with mudblood..
by a genius February 21, 2006

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