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when someone takes a shit on you for a joke or pleasure
my gf gave me a mud bath last night!
by shannon August 27, 2004
Mudbath is a phenomenon when one shits and pisses their pants at the same time. It was a term coined by TJ Jamieson and Jeffrey Young on Jeffrey's birthday. Since then, this term has been applied to many scenarios.
"Dude I drank so much beer I can't wait to mudbath all over myself tomorrow morning"
by goodgamesir October 23, 2008
When a guy or girl is giving you a rim joband you diarrhea on their face.
While Niko was giving me a rim job I gave a mud bath.
by Niko Shel November 17, 2008
When Two Homosexual Males practice the art of Soaking.
Nick was Morman so he only allowed Charlie to take a Mud Bath.
by DirtyCharlieKY April 01, 2011
To shit on someone(s), to be shitted on.
Who needs a golden shower? When a mud bath will last you the whole day!
by sef September 06, 2003
vaginal sex with a woman on her period
When she wants it, she wants it. Bring a raincoat to minimize post-mudbath scrubbing.
by Kazz January 10, 2008
when some one has diarea and shits on your chest
we fucked hard and i had diarea and shit on her chest.
by john bailey November 02, 2004