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An unusually large turd.
The creature is not from this world, but it uses our bathrooms - and leaves a basketball-sized mud baby behind.
by Rod Brock September 23, 2005
An offspring of a white and a black person. Derogatory in nature.
Jamal knocked up Amber and she pooped out a mudbaby. She is now damaged goods.
by drwhiteyphd January 25, 2009
A person whose personality and/or physical appearance is so vile and repulsive that it inconceivable that they originated in a human womb. The only explanation for their existence is that they spontaneously arose from a pile of mud and/or fecal matter.
Nancy Grace is a mud baby, and so is that annoying chubby woman on her show that quotes Shakespeare.
by KingWolfos July 13, 2008
n. The product (offspring) of anal intercourse.
I made a mud baby wif ma bitch las nite.
by D'emon November 05, 2002
A humongous piece of shit.

Dumplestiltskin, a creature not of this world, but a user of its bathrooms leaving behind nothing, but terror. Terror and a basketball-sized chocolate mudbaby.
Only in... the Twilight Zone.
(From Robot Chicken)
by Jack Cisco July 14, 2006
a really awesome girl that likes to go off-roading and get dirty!
We were out Goose-Creek the other night and seen Mudbaby in her Jeep, that girl was tearing it up!
by Mudbaby December 13, 2009
One whos lives and sleeps in the mud. Mud babies also feed of jenkem.
Look at that mud baby under the tree he clearly couldn't handle coachella.
by DJ Horse Massage June 13, 2011

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